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Mental Health Help – Vol.1

Mental Health Help – Vol.1

The WHO have said “Good mental health is related to mental and psychological well-being.” I think this is the perfect definition for those who may not be aware of what this word mean. By the way.. it’s ok if you don’t know. We are all, always learning. For me, personally, my Mental Health issues started when I had an eating disorder in my teenage years. It wasn’t really that bad, until I had a horrific experience about 3 years ago. (The year leading up to being married.) That trauma, left me with indescribable thoughts, that later lead me to going for therapy. It was a place where I could speak my mind, be understood and my mental health was understood too.

Here, today, I just want to share some tips on how to take care of our mental health. If you think you are suffering, maybe put some of these tips into practice, to try and allow yourself to be cared for.

If you broke your leg.. what would you do? Go to hospital and get it fixed right? Well if your mind was unhealthy, then you would go to Therapy. They are the same thing, and once you look at them the same way, your life will change. The life of others around you, will also change, who suffer just like you and me.

1. Get Fresh Air

We all know that there is nothing more beautiful than smelling fresh air. RIGHT?!

Research has shown that exposing our lungs to fresh air, along with the smell of fresh grass/plants/flowers can help our bodies to be relieved of stress and anxiety. (You can read more of this online.)

Ladies.. let’s try and get out at least once a day. Even if its in the garden with your babies, lets get on this! We need it for our own sanity. How can we take care of others, if we do not take care of ourselves?

Get out of the house, and if you can’t do that, please open a few windows in your house to let the beautiful fresh air in.

2. Research Mental Health

This is something that I really do want to emphasise. BUT. When I say go and do some research… P L E A S E make sure that you are able to survive the research. If you think it might have a negative affect on your recovery, or situation right now.. don’t do it. Wait till you are in a good headspace to do so. Maybe get a friend involved and chat to them about it, so that you are not on your own? Create a calm and stress-free headspace for you to do your research.

Mid-way through my therapy sessions, I was told about ‘Fight/Flight/Freeze/Flop’. I can not begin to tell you how much this changed the way I thought about the brain and what was going inside of it. It confirmed that I wasn’t stupid. It confirmed that It was OK for me to not understand. It taught me that I needed to know more about what happens to the brain when I am trying to fix a Mental Health issue.

Talk to a therapist and make sure they can explain the biological side of it. It is really and truly fascinating and honestly made me feel not stupid! Our bodies are made to have a brain that goes into a ‘fight’ mode (for example), when it thinks its being attacked. It made me feel not stupid! That is why I have been able to discuss Mental Health more than ever before.

3. Meditation

Don’t be scared!…I understand that the word above isn’t everyones favourite. I will say though, you need to research meditation. When I went to therapy, I learnt about the importance of meditation and how it changes the physical aspect of your brain. It helps preserve the ageing of the brain, improves concentration and attention, reduces anxiety – and social anxiety. These are just a few of the may reasons why you should research this.

I want to also mention the app ‘Calm’. Its the only app I have EVER paid for in full. It includes sleep stories, nature sounds, and meditation aimed at; sleep, anxiety, stress, work, self-care, inner peace, focus, emotions and so much more. In my opinion its worth every penny spent, (£29.99 per year). This is not an ad don’t worry!

Its important to remember that when exercising Meditation, that it gets easier with time, which allows you to slip into a meditation mind whenever you need to.

Remember to take care of yourself, and make sure you are happy in life. To live anything but happy, is a waste of time.

  1. Aw bless you. Sending all my love to you!! Things will get better, we all will get better through time.…

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