Living Life in the Clouds.

There is nothing wrong with being a dreamer. 

I wanted to start by saying that, as I have heard many people call out people who dream, dream big, and dream even bigger than that. Living life, dreaming of what can be and chasing that dream, is something you should be pursuing. If you are not achieving what you want to be achieving, and the ‘cloud life‘ that you dream of, is not becoming a reality.. Something needs to change.

I used to be told by a LOT of people, that having lots of different ideas of what I want to do, achieve and bring to life’s table, was nonsense, and that I just ‘couldn’t make my mind up’. “SCREW YOU”, I would think to myself! How dare you think that I can not do it! 

What I will say to those of you reading this who may say this to some, when you make comments like this.. They aren’t good.

No matter how you try to turn the comment around to make it positive.. It just doesn’t ever sound positive. Please don’t say those words.

BE IN AWE. They are working for their dreams.

“Nothing happens, unless first a dream”

Carl Sandburg.

It is important to note that end goals always start with a dream. 

Then the dreamers become planners, the planners become entrepreneurs, then they become business owners.

Don’t stop until you have got what you want to achieve in life. Why stop now? Why give in when you are steps closer to going after your DREAMS!

Go and get it!

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