The Confidence Commandments.

We all need a little boost from time to time, in the confidence sector of our busy lives. I hope from reading this, you feel like you can become a little bit more confident within yourself and believe that you can do anything you put your mind to.

1. Give yourself the grace you deserve.

It is extremely easy to carry on with our lives not giving us the grace that we deserve. Most sectors in any careers, make you feel like you have to perfect after the first shot. That is just not true. Thoughts like that usually start within our own minds, and simply are just not true. Allow yourself to grow, learn, develop and become great at whatever you do. Create a mindset of being OK with development over time.

2. Stand by your decisions.

There have been many times in my life, and in my career, that other people have made me question and second guess my decisions. I am not happily in a place in my life where I can say that these days, not much can sway my decisions.

This, for me, was VERY key to having confidence in my day to day life. I was sick of feeling bad every time someone had a different opinion, decision or thought to me. Well.. to be quite honest I am just plain and simply over it!

I changed my thought process, and had the confidence to disagree if I felt like I needed to. You can do this to! I bet you feel sick of it like me. For this situation, I would recommend just giving it a go. Stick up for your decisions. Stick up for your heart. Stick up for your mind.

3. Follow the right people on Social Media.

If the people you follow make you jealous, just like I experienced above, then I think we both know that it is time to unfollow them. Please note though, that there is a huge difference between jealously and motivation. For me.. it was a little bit of a fine line. Just listen to you. Listen to your mind. Listen to your heart.

You know who, on social media, you feel good about when you see their content. I think we all have somebody who comes into our feed who kinda can just get lost right? …. just go and unfollow them now.

4. Speak to your best friend. Ask them to be your supporter.

For me.. I needed reassuring that I was beautiful. It has taken me goodness knows how long to even consider me on that scale whatsoever. I really do mean that. Having boys turn me down, and one turn me down when I asked him out (yep you read that right..) made me honestly crumble inside. It has taken me being married to someone who thinks I’m gorgeous… and even SEXY to even consider myself as this.

To say that being married to Jared and having a supporter has changed the way I think about myself.. really is an understatement. I needed that. Not to convince me that I am.. because I know that I need to believe I am.. but to have someone actually remind me that I am. It makes such a difference.

Try and find someone who you can ask for their help to improve your inner reassurance that you are beautiful. It helped me ten folds, so I really do hope it helps you too.

5. Embrace who you are.

Many people will try and influence you to be somebody, but in reality.. the best version of you is the person you truly are inside. Embrace every corner of your heart and soul. There can NEVER be another you.. so stop acting like everyone is like you. They are not. Embrace you!

Today, I went on a photoshoot, and around 20 minutes in, I felt like I was a top supermodel. I saw people starring, and I didn’t care. I felt it flattering (even though it is HIGHLY rude to stare at people), I didn’t let it affect me. Even to the point where I was posing how I would at home, outside.. in public. *GASP*. For those who may just be getting to know me now.. this is unHEARD of for me. I am usually very nervous and altogether quite scared about doing anything that brings potentially negative vibes to me in public.

Embrace who you are and don’t question it. EVER.

Please know that you are beautiful. You can be the confident person you want to be. If there are changes that you need to make in your life then CHANGE THEM. YOU CAN DO IT.

Confidence may take time, yes. But is it impossible? NOPE. NO. NADA.

Be open to you finding your way to being the confident person you want to be. This life is way too short to keep at our bad ways. You think you’re too old to change? NOPE… its never too late to change.

Thank you for signing up!

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