Making Mornings More Positive.

Ever since I can remember, I have never liked getting up in the mornings. Whenever it was the weekend, I would sleep in till around 11am. (No I’m not joking haha!) I have never been a morning person and it has not been easy to be honest. I want to be a morning person, I really really do! I’m not sure if I will ever be a morning person, but I know that by doing these next few things, they can really change your mornings.

1. Allow yourself time.

Allowing enough time is crucial to your morning not being stressful. I love getting up in the morning, if I have enough time to potter and to get ready at a slow and relaxed pace. It really, really makes a difference to my mood in the day too. If Im stressed, rushed, or anxious about the time, it is not going to end well for me!

It also allows you time to have enough food for your day to start (breakfast is the most important meal of the day people!), and allows you to start it with something most important.. a smile! When you start your day happily, at a pace that fits your body and mind, it truly makes a difference.

2. Morning Self Care.

Leading on from the above, having a morning self care routine/options to start your morning, really allows your mind to be in a great place to be your best self that day. Especially if the day is of great importance to you/your career etc. Maybe create a skincare routine, or do some exercise and have a shower, go and make your breakfast with some music on.

There are loads of options to create the perfect routine for you here. Just make sure that you have time to pamper yourself and care for yourself.

Looking after yourself is the most important thing, and it should be your priority. Allow yourself to become the priority in your own life.

3. Use a Sunrise alarm clock.

This. My friends. Is going to help you wake up on those dark and dreary mornings.

Do you struggle to get up in the mornings in Autumn/Winter time? ME. TOO. I hate it. Can’t stand it. Hate the whole concept. It is a super pet peeve of mine, so this is literally the answer to all my prayers.

This is basically an alarm clock, that has a light that slowly fills the room just like the sun does in the summertime. If you click here you can pick one up from Amazon for £21.24. Make sure you grab one before the sun chooses not to come up some day super soon… I’m not looking forward to it…

I hope that some of these options can help you, and create a better morning space for you.

Mornings are so important to our day and how we succeed in our accomplishments, so let us change small parts to our day to make them better.

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