My Luxury Item of the Month – Sept.

Welcome to my new series – My Luxury Item of the Month!

This month, I want to discuss one of my first luxury items that I bought. It is from one of my all time favourite brands. I have loved them since I can remember as quite frankly, I think they are elegant and sophisticated. Two characteristics of a brand… and Fashion, that I love.

Just a reminder…If you would like to know how I go about buying Luxury items for a cheaper price, I will be posting a blog all about it so make sure you come back soon to see!

I bought this beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Wool knit Blazer and instantly fell in love. It is such a versatile piece, that It can compliment many outfits and still look gorgeous.

This stunning outerwear piece, is made up of a brown and cream colour palette, which is why it will so easily go with many different pieces in many a different wardrobe.

Here is my take on the colour palette that goes with this stunning blazer.

There are many colours that are not on this palette. If you notice, from the above, I haven’t specified a specific green, red etc. This is because not every shade of every colour will suit every skin type. This is Ok. This is normal.

Also.. SO WHAT if a shade doesn’t suit your skin type?


These sleeves in my opinion, are the statement on this blazer that makes it comes to life. Sharp lines are my guilty pleasure in products that I buy, and when they come in clothes too… even better.

I would really love to know what your Fashion Guilty Pleasures are? Flares? Bumbags? Skinny Jeans?…Let’s help make people feel less embarrassed about Fashion that they love. Show some love to each other in the comments!

This gorgeous, wooden Yves Saint Laurent Blazer I bought second hand for £84.87. Can you even believe that price? I was so extremely happy with this find. I knew I had found a beautiful piece, and I was even more impressed when I received it in the post.

Just a reminder..If you want to know more about how I purchase my luxury products, please feel free to sign up via email so that you are notified when that blog post is released!

Sometimes I know, that spending money on luxury items, can be such a dream away for some. I’ve been there, I know what is is like. I know it can be so deflating.

I have an upcoming blog post that will go further in depth about how I purchase Luxury items on a budget and make sure that I am getting great value for my money.

Please leave comments and let me know what you think of this blazer, what your favourite brand is for clothes. I would love to hear from you!

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