The Season-Transition Coat of DREAMS.

Usually I am not that excited for Autumn…however when I find the actual coat of dreams?… it changes everything.

Investing in a coat, is something that is super important to me. Good quality coats are not cheap to buy, which means that you want to invest in something that is pretty perfect.

This Gorgeous Green bottle coat, is warm, cozy but still extremely classic. Im the kind of gal that loves a classic, sophisticated look rather than the ‘on trend type’. I like what I like… and this? I LOVE.

This coat is from the gorgeous, “& Other Stories“. I absolutely have fallen for this brand. Their products are beautiful and perfectly crafted, and Im pretty in love with them if I am honest!!

This coat is not only good because of its colour, but also, you can totally wear this as an Oversized Blazer on top of a cami top, a silk shirt, with some gorgeous trousers. This is exactly why I went for this style of coat. Perfect for Autumn, but also a perfect jacket for my wardrobe. Versatile and gorgeous.. all at the same time!

If you want to have a look at this gorgeous coat, then you can click here! This coat is by FAR the best coat I have ever bought. For this gorgeous Autumn period of the year, I wanted to change it up a bit. I don’t think I have ever owned anything this ‘green’ before, and I am extremely happy with it.

Pink isn’t a natural Autumnal colour… but as you can see I have paired it with this gorgeous coat… and it still looks gorgeously snug! (Which… It was.. which is hilarious because this was actually a warm day!)

Bringing some of those bold Summer colours into Autumn is a great way to soften the blow. We all love a good summer… but we also know that Autumn is clearly on its way. To soften the harsh blow of the change in weather, the sick bugs coming, and the fires being lit all over the country, we can still add some colour to our lives!

Try not get hung up on what other people are wearing in their Autumn wardrobe Colour palette. You don’t have to be the same as everyone else… that would make the world a pretty boring place now wouldn’t it!

Go over to & Other Stories and have a look at their coats if you are looking at buying any. They have a great selection over there, and they are also great quality. You can head over there by clicking here.

& Other Stories are also a brand that is taking a stand for change towards being a more Sustainable company. You can read more about the changes they are making by clicking here.

If you want to read ore on Sustainability in Fashion then head over here to my blog post.

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