Being Confident in Your Skin

As we grow up, we are engrossed in a world that loves to compare. Especially to compare to something we do not have. That we don’t have a thinner body or that we don’t have more money. Sometimes these thoughts can create a determination within some of us, that keeps us aiming high and gaining results.

But what If you don’t have that determination inside yourself to aim high… and then to get those results? What if you try so hard, and you feel like you don’t get anywhere.

Well.. I’ve been there. In fact.. I’m there right now. There is so much I want to do with my life, so much I have wanted to achieve by now. I’ve rarely touched the list of achievements I want to tick off. It does get me really down sometimes. I am human.. just like you. But I want to chat to you about what I do to combat these thoughts.

These combat actions that I take, may not work for you.. but allow yourself the opportunity to try them. Just in case they do work.

The thoughts come, and I chat through them with my Husband. Now.. yes I am aware not everyone who reads this will be married. The main thing here, is to speak to somebody you know, trust and feel comfortable with. Chatting through these darker thoughts can really remind you that your thoughts.. are just your fears and worries creeping in.

Find someone who you are completely comfortable with. This is super important, but you also want to find someone who you can ask to build you up and let you know how silly your mind is when it wanders. My mind over exaggerates enormously, so if you are anything like me, this will really help!!

If you don’t have anyone to chat to (and by the way if you don’t, please leave a comment down below so that you can chat to me), then write your thoughts down in a journal. In a couple of days, when you feel better, look back to your journal entries and allow yourself to understand that these thoughts were just your mind totally wandering. It is important for you to realise that these thoughts are not something that you need to dwell on.

These two simple, but effective actions that you may take, will help your mind to create recollection of actually reality when your mind wanders again. It will note back to the conversation you had, or the journal entry that you wrote, and remember that not all things that we think, will be accurate, and sometimes they will be exaggerations.

Don’t ever give up on who you are, what you want to achieve and where you are going. Remember that we all have a different pace. We all work differently, and we all have a different way in which we learn.

Allow yourself the time to grow, develop and get strong. Don’t expect yourself to do everything all at once. Unfortunately, this is quite unrealistic. I have come to face this fact myself.

Together, let’s remind each other that we are doing really well.

In the comments below, let me know what your dreams are. The rest of us can jump on board with your comment and build you up.

Don’t allow time, to be something that you are scared of. After all.. time is just numbers. Numbers are created by humans. We have the space in this world to achieve what we want to achieve.

Go out there, fulfilling your dreams, #BeKind in the process and you’ll get so far.

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