Finding your own Fashion Style

First off let’s get something straight. Your style does NOT have be constrained to one box. Style is something that comes from within you. It is all about the colours, lines, detailing, buttons (or no buttons), pleats etc, that you like.

It has nothing to do with Joe Bloggs down the windy road! It is not about copying your best friend, just because she thinks that you won’t look good in the outfit that you chose.

Girl, if you feel confident in the outfit, that is ALL that matters.

Secondly… sometimes, finding your style, is not a ‘quick’ thing. If you happened to find your style quick then congrats girl! However, sometimes it is not. Its not been a quick thing for me. I have had years of a transitional period of not wanting to look ‘pretty’ anymore. I want to look sexy for goodness sake!! I want to look like a woman. I am fed up with pretending to love all the high street styles, when in reality… it is really not my style anymore. (Has it really ever been?)

When I go online these days, I am extremely picky with what I purchase. To be honest? I honestly think everyone should be picky! It is so great! It allows me to recall the question in my head, (that I really do think you should take on board…)

“If this item went out of stock overnight, and I could not buy it tomorrow, would I regret not buying it?”. Now.. I know that a lot of people splurge on all clothes.. but this question is mainly for those who want to shop better, easier, smarter and more sustainable.

Asking this question allows yourself to really consider what you LOVE. This is how I came to know my love for my clothes and how I like to style my wardrobe.

Throughout my style journey, I have found.. that I LOVE block colours. I love bold colours, I LOVE sharp lines on clothing. (Thats why you’ll probably see me in a lot of blazers!!). I love the block colour look, and I am ok with that. As time has gone on, you will see that my wardrobe is full of bold colours. Remember one of my recent blog posts, with my Green coat? That is such a bold colour, and I am absolutely, 110% in love with it. I would have been INCREDIBLY sad if I had not bought this beautiful outerwear piece.

Having your own personal style, tells your side of your story. (Which.. is the only side that matters).

Don’t allow yourself to fall short of who you truly are. You are more than you think you are. You are more than enough, to wear exactly what you want to wear.

Keep your chin up girl, go and wear what you want to wear.

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