Looking Luxurious for Less.

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Luxury is a height of Fashion that is very desired. For years I dreamt of having pieces crafted by the late Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo… and so much more. Purchasing these gorgeous products has never… I repeat.. NEVER EVER been in my price bracket. If you’re thinking the same.. its ok. Im here to share some of my secrets, for how to get a more expensive look, for less!

The Right Fabric

There are so many different Fabrics out there today, but we want to really zone in on the ones that look Luxurious. For example; Satin. Silks do usually look more expensive than lets say cotton, and that is because usually they are. However, as you can see below It’s not hard to find expensive looking Silk Shirts, for a luxuriously less price tag.


For me, this is one of the most luxurious fabrics. I need to get me a silk shirt to add to my beautiful wardrobe.. Have yet to find the best one!! The trick with buying a less expensive piece made from silk, is to not purchase one that is too shiny. Shiny silk screams cheap.. don’t buy this type!


Ohhhh my guilty pleasure. My absolute love. This is one of the best patterns.. and one that I 100% love. I especially love this look in a woollen fabric, and specifically in the A\W time.. which is perfect for now! I picked some gorgeous pieces for you to check out below, feel free to go and have a browse.

Think of your fabrics carefully. It is key to buying alternatives to High end Fashion, when our banks don’t want to be broken. Don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to buy what you want. With the right attitude, the correct outlook, you can purchase a gorgeous dupe for a fraction of the price.

The Pre-Loved Websites

Pre-Loved Fashion is coming in strong in the sustainability world. We need to pay attention to the Fashion Industry and what is happening to our earth because of it. Purchasing Luxurious pieces, from a Pre-Loved website, only means it has a history.

We all have history… and we are still beautiful right?!

This gorgeous purple dress that I am wearing, is actually from a Pre-Loved website. It is an Alexander McQueen dress, one of the brands I spoke first about in this blog post. This brand made me fall in love Luxury Fashion.

My FAVOURITE website, and my most used Fashion Online Shop in 2020, is where I purchased this gorgeous piece from. I know.. I have been teasing you with this information for a while now… but I am telling you now!

Vestiaire Collective. The Website/app that fully changed my life for the better. This website made me reconsider every single purchase I was making from the retail High street. This website is full to the brim with Pre-Loved, history filled, Beautiful Luxurious Fashion pieces. Below I have put some of the products on my Wishlist, that are totally in your budget!

The Investment

Sometimes, it is just a case of investing your money in a more luxurious piece of fashion. That could be a bag, a pair of sunglasses, a pair of shoes. These types of garments, will last a while. Which means, that even if you just had one piece of designer Fashion in your wardrobe, it will elevate and strengthen your outfit ten folds.

But, like I said above, Vestiaire Collective have some really great Pre-Loved Luxurious Fashion Pieces on their website. This means, that you can still invest, but in a product that has had a life, allowing you to spend less, and be sustainable.. all in one!

Luxury doesn’t always have to come with a brand name. You can buy certain pieces of Fashion from the normal High Street that have a super luxurious feel, cut or shape. The good thing though, about purchasing Luxury items, is that they are more sustainable, as they last much longer. I have spent time, trying to find the best product for me, over on Vestiaire Collective, and I have managed to bag some TRUE STEALS. They are steals because they are beautiful, never been worn products, that are from my favourite brands, crafted in such a luxurious way … and the retail price would have been 100’s of £’s.

Not all Luxury has to come from spending 1000’s of £’s. It’s really not always about that. You can find so many other options to look chic, luxurious and expensive, through spending your money wisely, and buying sustainably.

Let me know if you love Vestiaire Collective as much as I do! I have fallen in love with their website, and I think you will too! I would love to know your finds on there, and what you choose to purchase! Let me know below!

Love you guys xo

Shop My Look

These products are similar to the ones above, not all will be the same.

Affiliate Links: You as a customer do not pay more because I have used Affiliate Links. I receive a small % of commission. The % is for advertising the product to you. It costs you no more and no less for purchasing the products.

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