My Joules AW20 Wishlist

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Oh Joules… You have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I remember buying my first Joules coat. It was in the sale of a cute little shop in Barmouth, Wales. It was the absolute perfect jacket for a British summer time beach day. (Basically sunny, but not warm enough be sunbathing or anything. Its a jean shorts, Thin Joules Jacket kind of weather.) I still have it to this day, and I still wear it every.single.year.

Last year (or the year before…) I managed to get my hands on a pair of Joules boots, that I had been wanting for AGES. If you know Joules, you will probably already know which Ankle boot I am discussing with you today. They are beautiful. I have always got them out in this weather season. They are THE perfect pair of beautiful Ankle Boots.

See below the image of my gorgeous Embroidered boots! Please note that these are no longer in stock, but I have included another pair of their gorgeous boots!

Here is my Joules Wishlist. It is one of the best AW Season that I think I’ve ever seen Joules release.

Left to right: Fieldcoat Tweed Jacket, Chloe Fixed Wrap Dress, Fulbrook Underarm Tweed Bag

Left to Right: Anwen Roll Neck Jumper, Non-medical Face Covering, Cheltenham Leather Chelsea Boot.

Left to Right: Eponine Felt Fedora, Minx Quilted Gilet, Printed Wellies with Black Gusset.

Joules is not only a household name these days, but a company that is responsible at sourcing sustainably. This is Key to the world we live in today. It is essential.

Alongside this, they also respect the environment. Joules brand is all about the outdoors, so it makes perfect sense that they love the environment, just as much as we all do. You can read more about them being “Responsibly Joules”, here.

I hope you have enjoyed my wishlist from Joules this AW20. It is by far the best collection I have seen Joules create. I am so excited for what pieces you buy! Make sure you tag me in your picks! You can do this by tagging me on Instagram: @mrsleahbell

Affiliate Links: You as a customer do not pay more because I have used Affiliate Links. I receive a small % of commission. The % is for advertising the product to you. It costs you no more and no less for purchasing the products.

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