Work hard for your Dreams. They will come true.

Dreams are a wish your heart makes right? Just like Disney says.

Many a time i’ve heard people say, that they dream of something they think will never come true. Sometimes, in fact… most of the time, you have to work for those dreams. These days, things don’t come ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’. You have to really work for the life you want. Meaning… these dreams will come with temporary sacrifice.

The good thing about this though, is that this temporary sacrifice, it will turn into SUCCESS. Let’s change the mindset of ‘temporary sacrifice‘ and change it to ‘everyday wins‘. Not to say that sacrifices are wins, most of the time they are not.

I want to ask you to do something, not for me. Not for ANYBODY ELSE. You hear me? You see what I’m typing here? I want YOU to write down this week, a success that you’ve had each day of the week. Do it everyday if you want, or do it at the end of the week (if you have a better memory than me haha!)

These daily reminders of our everyday wins, are the sacrifices we have made of our time, effort, sleep.. whatever it may be. Don’t confuse your sacrifices with things that are of importance though. This is key here. Please make sure that you know that each of us are individual, unique and always different to each other. Don’t compare your sacrifices.

I know that it can be rough, and it can be tough… but so are YOU! You can achieve every single dream that you want to achieve in your life. But yes, it takes your everyday wins, to accomplish these things.

I’ve been wanting to achieve so much in my life, and I’m sure you have been wanting to also.

Don’t sell yourself short of what you can do in this time that you have here. You have so much potential to do everything that you have ever wanted to do. I believe that you can do it!

You probably hear this a lot, from people who have written music, written book, or doing whatever dream job they have. But it’s true. Honestly.. you CAN do anything you want to. I will keep stressing this constantly throughout my website, because I really do want you to understand this.

I also want to share something with you, as I am aware, from being in a similar position, that some people do not have the blessing of having encouraging people in their life. If you may be thinking ‘this is me!’, I want you to know that I am here. Do not fear!! – haha but honestly? This conversation is for YOU.

You are able.

You are enough.

You are capable of so much.

You are perfectly imperfect.

You can achieve your dreams. Even the big dreams.

You can put your mind to anything, and you should do exactly that.

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