Be who YOU want to be.

The more we compare, the less happy we are. I truly do believe that.

Its so important to remember who you are, but not only that, focus on who you want to become and start becoming that person. No one else is like you! I really do want you to remember that above anything else.

You don’t have to like something, just because someone else is wearing it, who may be famous. You don’t have to like a particular food because your partner loves it, and you most certainly do not have to act like somebody else, just because you may look up to them.

We are all so different, and we are living such different lives. It is so important to remember how valued we are as human beings.

It’s not who you are that hold’s you back, It’s what you think you’re not.



People often ask me why I love quotes so much, and Its simply because sometimes, I don’t have the right words to say what I am thinking. That quote above? SPEAKS. WONDERS.

These words often ring true in our minds…

“Im not good enough”

“Im not smart enough”

“Im not pretty enough”

Well.. these are holding you back. It doesn’t matter if you have dont have grade to your name. I have got a U in A level textiles (I did literally none of the coursework and got no help..) and I got a C in A level Finance. Here I am.. living my life.. owning my own home.

Grades aren’t everything. So if you haven’t got the grades you need, DONT. FRET. SERIOUSLY. I don’t care what ANYONE says to you. They are NOT the “Be all, or end all”, ok?

You are so much more than you ever think that you are.

You ARE allowed and you ARE capable, of being exactly the person you want to be. It may take practice, as we all can imagine, but just because you may need to practice it, does NOT make it impossible to achieve.

I want to tell you a story.. these photos, I actually took with quite a few people staring at me.

Two women actually walked past me (I was facing their backs when they walked past me), and then one turned around, stared at me, told her mum, who I believe it was, and as older women usually do, turn her ENTIRE body round and stared at me.

(oh and by the way.. I stared right back.)

In that moment, I was the version of me, that I have always wanted to be. I stood there, in the middle of the field, with 100s of people walk past me, as I took these photos.

I CANNOT even begin to tell you how exhilarating that was for. I felt so empowered. More empowered than I ever had before.

Oh and you know what made this even funnier? The second woman tripped when she turned back round. (I laughed to myself, but not in a mean way!!) I just realised that maybe I was more beautiful than I realised.. and that people have to literally stop, and stare at me whilst I model for a photograph.

Im not arrogant, and I don’t usually class myself even one foot into that category, but that day? I was on cloud 9, I tell you.

From then on, I wasn’t really that scared anymore. I know people will stare (even though this is so rude and grates on me), they will compare, and they will do all the petty things they want to, but you STAND your ground and you MAKE them stare, so that they can see the real you, as you stand there being beautifully you.

It felt so good.

And I will continue to be ME.

Because thats who I am.

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