Luxury Item of the Month – Oct

It’s a brand new month! Ok, ok… so we are a week into it. I still want to share wit you my luxury item of the month. It is one of which I have loved for a long time. The moment I saw it on Vestiaire collective, I KNEW that I wanted to have it.

This gorgeous purple Alexander McQueen dress, is stunning. It is a piece of handcrafted material, designed by this absolutely gorgeous brand.

It is a brand that I have loved ever since I can remember. I remember when Alexander himself, passed away, and I remember realising it was real.

He will always be in my memory as a great Fashion Designer, and ever since I have wanted at least one of his pieces.

This gorgeous purple dress came in the post, and it was as bold as the colour seemed, even better almost!! It is a stunning purple body con dress with beautiful ruching around the collar.

I also wanted to include these photos in todays post, as it shows my last months Luxury item piece – my gorgeous YSL blazer that I bagged for a gorgeous price, from Vestiaire Collective also!

Funnily enough.. my bag is also from there! (A little heads up to next months luxury item of the month!)

I do want to emphasise here again, that these items are so luxurious, but I did NOT pay full price for. Take a look at Vestiaire Collective (app or website), and you will find some seriously great deals there.

Like I’ve said before, luxury designer pieces don’t have to be off the rack from the shop themselves. They can be from Charity shops, or any second hand boutique. There is no ‘correct’ way to buy luxury. As long as it is in good condition, everyone should buy second hand in my opinion!

I once heard somebody tell me, that buying luxury is all about the name on the material. For me? It is actually, and ALWAYS has been, about the quality of the pieces. I have always known that my fashion style is quite classic, elegant and timeless.

Im not really the kind of person to go towards Fashion Trends (don’t get me wrong sometimes I will and do so now!), but I want to just ‘be me’. This gratefully means, that the pieces that I purchase, rarely ever go out of style. They are still just as stunning and beautiful as the day I bought them.

This dress is included in that list of purchases!

I’m aware you can’t quite see the full dress here, but It was in a recent post I did, and from that, I have inserted a photograph below. (You can click on the photograph below and head to the blog post to see more close ups of the dress)

I used to be ashamed of my expensive clothing choices, but now I feel very calm in my choices, as most of them are second hand anyway. (There is NOTHING wrong with expensive clothing choices may I just add. I just felt a little insecure!) I hope one day I can purchase something that will first be mine, and then pass it on to others. But for now? I will sit in this beautiful, calm zone of second hand luxury, one of which I am proud to be adding my part, to the Fashion Sustainability of the world.

And so you should be too!

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