The Bag. Your Key Wardrobe Piece.

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Our bags, are so underrated. I never really got into them till later in life, because no one ever really taught me the importance of them, and the life they bring to each outfit in your wardrobe.

Having a statement bag is essential to your wardrobe. This makes purchasing a Luxurious bag (remember it can be Pre-Loved Luxury!), a lot more enticing to me, as I am able to wear it with most my your outfits.

The thing is with bags, they are so unique. They can be so classic, or so on trend peoples eye pop out of their heads when they see it. It’s so uniquely you, that you can be completely you and still look like a B O S S.

Whilst researching a bit more about Bags, I found out that on the 10th of October it was National Handbag Day! I did not know this was thing, but I will be most certainly be celebrating this!!

I am actually in the process of increasing the numbers of bags I own. Right now? I have just two that I use. I have my gorgeous Coach Black Belt Bag which you can find here on my ‘Shop My Wardrobe’ page, and this gorgeous yellow bag I bought from House of Fraser about 5 years ago. (Im sorry I don’t quite remember the brand – but I will put a similar bag below for you x)

I would love to you to tell me below what bags you own, and what colours they are. I am currently looking mainly on Vestiaire Collective, who is a Pre-Loved Lux brand, so that I can get a good quality bag, that has had a life already, to go on my arm. Maybe go over and take a look yourself? You may find the perfect bag on there for your wardrobe! (Don’t forget to use the filters! The app is my fave and I filter EVERY time I shop there!)

Bags are like jewellery to me now. Something I cherish, choose wisely with each outfit, and make sure that I colour coordinate too. (I may just be the only one here.. but I want to look good so I do just this!)

With a lot of bags you buy, you can buy bag inserts. This creates a layer of protection inside of your bag, so that you don’t get lipstick, or food stains on the inside of the bag. This allows the bag to be ready anytime you wanted to sell it for a new one.

Lastly, wear the bag how YOU want to wear it. Don’t be afraid of getting creative. Add loads of scarfs. Add colour! In any form! DOn’t be scared of expressing who you are through the bags and other accessories you wear with each outfit!

Style is something we all have, that is just waiting to be let loose!

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