Finding your own Fashion Style

First off let’s get something straight. Your style does NOT have be constrained to one box. Style is something that comes from within you. It is all about the colours, lines, detailing, buttons (or no buttons), pleats etc, that you like. It has nothing to do with Joe Bloggs down the windy road! It isContinue reading “Finding your own Fashion Style”

Being Confident in Your Skin

As we grow up, we are engrossed in a world that loves to compare. Especially to compare to something we do not have. That we don’t have a thinner body or that we don’t have more money. Sometimes these thoughts can create a determination within some of us, that keeps us aiming high and gainingContinue reading “Being Confident in Your Skin”

The Season-Transition Coat of DREAMS.

Usually I am not that excited for Autumn…however when I find the actual coat of dreams?… it changes everything. Investing in a coat, is something that is super important to me. Good quality coats are not cheap to buy, which means that you want to invest in something that is pretty perfect. This Gorgeous GreenContinue reading “The Season-Transition Coat of DREAMS.”

Making Mornings More Positive.

Ever since I can remember, I have never liked getting up in the mornings. Whenever it was the weekend, I would sleep in till around 11am. (No I’m not joking haha!) I have never been a morning person and it has not been easy to be honest. I want to be a morning person, IContinue reading “Making Mornings More Positive.”

How to change Deflation into Motivation.

Deflation can easily lead to misery. Every single one of us has been there. Its nothing new, it is nothing exciting. It feels like nothing is going to right, and that everything is just a mess. To change this dark feeling, into a light feeling of self-love and motivation, you need to make sure youContinue reading “How to change Deflation into Motivation.”